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Widowed Father of Four Business Saved From Closure- From The Frontlines of Business Funding

Updated: Aug 26, 2021


"Even heroes get their asses kicked occasionally, no where in that statement did I say give up"
Richard Moghadam

Based on a true event, names and City locations were withheld to protect the identity of the parties involved, all subjects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. -Perceptive

The narrative may remain the same but the stories are diverse, but somehow we allow social media to destroy us. One of many things that small business owners go through on a daily basis. It becomes a lousy existence at times for select business owners they speak to within the restaurant industry.

They hear the stories of how someone did not get the order right at the drive-up, or the server forgot to tell the kitchen that they wanted no mayo, yet across the country, they become targets of scammers that submit false claims on them VIA review sites, equivalent to stealing. But what happens when a business owner stands up for themselves? Is it worth the struggle over a $15 dollar meal worth it in their eyes to save a customer relationship? One small restaurant in Illinois holds its ground on a repeating customer on his fifth free meal, when the owner, who is also the cook in the kitchen tells his repeating offender to leave, and not come back the next thing he knows he gets a complaint on four review sites.

Because this business stood up for itself and decided not to give away more inventory to a non-paying visitor, the 29-year old widowed father of 4 children now faces the fact that the reviews could really hurt his business. This is when Rick met him, he was scared, with an empty restaurant, 2 of the 4 kids in pull-ups at daycare he really could not afford and one person wrote a review on four websites and it wrecked his customer count in a smaller Illinois city where the business is located.

Rick collaborated with a few friends who have a decent-sized social media presence and he sent them there for lunch, had them go live on Facebook, simulcasted content from it to Tic-Toc, Instagram and Snap Chat to get the word on the street about the 5-layered cake they had in front of them, 26 minutes later he filled the dining room. The trip for them to go, and the hiring of influencers in his area cost him almost $2,000.00

"That really irritated me, I know the phrase all too well, no one wins in the court of the media." Rick decided to look into this a little further, the same person left similar reviews on nearby restaurants. The first thing Rick did was to contact the reporting system of the social media platform-based review sites, two of which would not cooperate. Rick's I.T. team tracked the I.P address back to a cell phone number, reverse searched it then had some friends in a collaborating S.E.O. Optimization company find an address to where the phone is registered, all using public information sites. Rick told the merchant he should retain counsel and contact the prosecutor's office and asked for help on several Facebook groups for any news contacts to reach him, several did. Three days later, the swindler was not willing to give a comment on the situation.

Rick keeps with the business owner until things return back to normal, and checks on him a few months afterward, The prosecuting attorney told him to pursue his claim in civil court and the defendant in the cause has failed to appear at a court date and a default judgment was entered in favor of the widowed business owner. The business owner tells us that had it not been for Rick, Metromedia Funding Solutions, and the Merchant Cash Advance Rick found for the business that the restaurant would have folded.

Remember, this is a widowed father who went through this, he destroyed his credit when his wife passed tragically a year earlier. His business, at the time this happened, was only in its 14th month of existence. The New York native moved to Illinois to be close to her family and did not have a lot of friends there. Append the struggle of the after-effects of COVID-19 and the reparation it littered the restaurant industry with, the only people that were willing to help were Rick and Metromedia Funding Solutions. Tragically, his bank and everyone he had turned to had declined him. Rick Moghadam found his funding from a merchant cash advance provider in New York City.

We asked Rick Moghadam in an interview about Metromedia Funding Solutions and the exchequer the company has at its disposal, he replied "that is not a first interview question" comically and mentions that he has standing independent sales organization agreements with several providers across the country, as they are also a part of a bigger thing, sometimes it takes funding to get things rolling again. "We picked up the funding part in 2017 as it used to only be known as Metromedia back in the newspaper days" the company was placed on the back-burner for a couple of years while Rick ventured into other things. Rick has this ability to come up with a profitable solution in minutes, he is a genius - often heard from people who spend time with him. Moghadam's story about being on the other side of the phone reported by Donita Thompson made it logical why he is so dedicated. The name Metromedia picked up the Funding Solutions part to its name because it is needed he also mentioned. "It is a loaded name, Metromedia, because it has always been called that, Funding, because that happens, but Solutions means we are here to solve problems" Richard Moghadam continues, " It works really well together, and it stuck, and it is here to stay, don't just fund, help them, these past several years were spent using that problem-solving gift to help others"

We learned that Moghadam has helped countless businesses over the last several years stand back up, he never thought it would grow as fast as it did, but the need is substantial. Spending only 90 minutes in his office with the noise of calls being conducted, programmers building websites and phone apps, and working through problem after problem, there is a vibe in that office like no other, it is a war-room setting, sometimes loud, sometimes emotional, but they celebrate the victories of their customers and do not give up on people. "The phones will ring back to back that there are days I am lucky to get a breath of fresh air, but I could not imagine it any other way" Moghadam also mentions, "I am no different than they are, I fight the same struggles or have fought the same struggles they do"

Moghadam plans to expand his operation over the next several years and grow, he hand selects the agents that work with him. He mentions "It is easy to find people to sell services and products, it is hard to find people that want to do this from their hearts because they feel the pain the business owners they serve go through, those are the ones I want on my team, funders, developers, accountants, whatever they are, if they are allowed into my network they earned their way there, we have rejected several for not following our vision."

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