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The Madison County News Network is an independently ran news page without political influence. Our goal is to bring you the local news for Madison County and the surrounding area. This site and page are designed to provide you with information in an efficient and accurate manner. The two owners are not salaried and do this because we love our community, we are your neighbors. You get free access to all of our content without having to pay for a subscription. We believe you should not have to pay to know what is going on in our community. Welcome to citizen journalism /peer-to-peer news. We only report it.

Meet the owners

Rick Moghadam, a native of Indianapolis but I have lived in Anderson for several years now, and I am a web developer and business owner. I have five kids, 2 in college and 3 still at home. (Ages 20,19,16,16, and 11.) My wife is also a business owner. This is not my first time working in a media-related position, as many years back I worked with several newspapers in contracted positions in the past.

Bill Johnson, Native to Anderson, Father of three, and a photographer and news enthusiast. He founded the original Facebook group to chat about calls heard across the police scanners, He is also a small business owner and a local resident. His wife also is a native of our community.

We also have a couple of friends that will post things like public service announcements and news stories from time to time.

We are normal average everyday people, down-to-earth, and approachable. If our efforts make Anderson and Madison County a better place then we consider it a mission accomplished.

How are we funded?

This page and website are paid for by the businesses that support this page, you will see ad banners in news stories, when you click them it takes you to their pages. We also will show ad banners for our sister publications and pages. We do not sell your information, and we do a free monthly e-coupon email that which businesses and sponsors can discuss what they offer. We also have merchandise coming soon, and there is also the "buy us coffee" option. This initiative is set in place to allow local businesses to have an affordable place to advertise without being burdensome to our readers, Metromedia Funding Solutions funded the total cost of the build of the website and the equipment that is needed to bring you the news.

How can you help us grow?

The only way we can keep this going is by asking the community to support us in our efforts. We know cash is not an option for a lot of people and they want to help so there are ways for you to do so if you want.

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We want to hear from you

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In conclusion

If you are reading this, we wanted to say thank you for hanging in here with us and supporting this page. It means a lot to us that you came here to read this in the first place. Remember, we are peer-to-peer and are not perfect. If we make a mistake and you found it, let us know about it by clicking HERE. But once again, thank you, and have a great day.





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