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The Redwood Times: Piece of the Pie

I was at an event held on Father's Day and witnessed an organization handing out pieces of pie. I was able to meet with two members of that organization today. When questioned about why they were passing out pieces of pie, she replied "There is enough pie for everyone to have their own piece of the pie."

Ingenious. What better way to get people to realize and retain that there is enough out here for everyone to get their own piece of the pie. I was impressed at the simplicity of the statement yet the deepness of its meaning.

Even though competition is a natural part of life, when it comes to living together, there is enough for everyone to succeed. We don't have to run down the next to be in the running for the best. It's not necessary to destroy another in hopes of getting an advantage. What is for you is for you and there is enough for everyone to get there's.

Competition is healthy to build and grow but becomes detrimental when breeded from hatred, jealousy, and destruction. Take pride when competing but always remember, "There is enough pie for everyone to have their own piece of the pie."

Tomorrow will be or first episode of Talking with Bonita and The Supreme. Topic of conversation: Competing Like the Pie is Gone. Tune back in for the video broadcast of our short show.





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