Surprise Announcement- Video Game Tournament at Summer Dayz Anderson- 7/10/2021


Everyone has been asking, what are they doing out there this week, the anticipation has been the buzz here on Circle City Magazine, and it's been the talk of the town! In the last episode of The Funded Project, Rick said they were going to do a video game tournament. We got a sneak peek, here is what they have planned.

Free to enter- Free to Play- enter as much as you want! Everyone Welcome to Enter (children need parent’s permission). This is a TIMED game. The winner gets entered in the $100.00 Drawing. The time limit is 5 minutes per session.

Super Mario Bro’s – The original 8-bit version. The winner is determined by who gets the highest number of points.

No warping – you must go through each level.

The oldest player plays Mario.

The youngest player plays Luigi.

Winners are issued tickets and placed in the drawing box.

We will randomly draw for one winner for $100.00.

Drawing is 4:30 7/10/2021at this booth. The winner is paid cash.

The only way to enter is to play.




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