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Paraeducators Paid Less Than Fast Food Employees, Anderson Community Schools

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

They deal with everything else in the classroom. Including one-on-one instruction, they are the staff members that escort the youngsters from the bus to the classroom. They deal with outbursts so the class does not stop. They cover for teachers when they are out. They work with special needs students. You would think that their pay would be better than $14,000.00 annually. Granted, many do not have a teaching license but that does not stop them from working as hard as the teachers. Is it just me, or does it seem like this position should pay better than a sandwich shop? The stories shared during the meeting last night showed people that put their needs aside for the betterment of education.

Why would they not be worth paying a better wage to? We discovered that many in our community have not been informed of how low the pay is for them. The Anderson Community School System is also short-staffed by over thirty open paraeducator positions leaving the ones there to work harder than ever.

We love the fact that many in these positions love what they do for a living, and I am grateful for them, but how long can they afford to stay in the position? Many work additional jobs and still struggle.




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Could you live on such a small salary?

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