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Misunderstood Masterminds- The Story of Richard Moghadam

Updated: Sep 25, 2021


Interviewed by Donita Thompson -Perceptive


Rebuilding yourself in an age of technology is a challenge that many face every day. Things that haunt our past from bad decisions or even bad relationships can haunt us for decades past the time period of life that you were involved in those activities. People change, live styles change, even our country changes. It should never be a reason to deny someone of a future as it did for people like Richard Moghadam.

Richard Moghadam works as an independent sales organization in the alternative financing space in addition to his graphic arts studio website building unit. It lays heavy on his heart to try to have a good image for his family but also for the people he helps. Richard Moghadam is the host of

over-5,000 YouTube subscribers, and 3,200 email subscribers; a YouTube series called "The funded Project". The show is his corporate charity to his other company, Metromedia Funding Solutions LLC. whereas he uses his tithe money to help small businesses have access to his services that they would not otherwise be able to afford. He does this no-strings-attached style. The money used in his projects comes from his pocket and out of the pockets of anyone who wants to help them. The independent Sales Organization, Metromedia Funding Solutions also has independent sales agents that believe in the vision Richard Moghadam has shown them that they often jump in and help.

There have been a few occasions that Richard Moghadam has been declined the opportunity to bring The Funded Project out in front of a bigger audience because of his past. Richard Moghadam's story will bring light on what he went through, from the time locked up, and starting life over without an address of his own, to where he built Metromedia Funding Solutions out of sheer determination and passion to help others never travel the road he traveled, many at Circle City Magazine believe that he is the perfect host. He also gives Donita a behind-the-scenes view of how he works countless hours for his clients. Richard Moghadam also mentions that he needed to make sure that the businesses finding their funding source through Metromedia Funding Solutions had every tool they need to make their business grow! Watch the interview here!












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