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Management Issues at Wingstop Cause Payroll Issues

Developing Story - Here is what we know so far.

Over this past weekend, several people claimed they were not paid for hours worked at the Wing Stop located at 4437 Scatterfield Road. After seeing several Facebook posts over the subject, I was able to reach the owner Randy Zell to discuss the matter. He mentioned that the manager he had working for him was hiring people without registering them into his system. He claims he discovered the issue around the middle of February and dismissed the manager. Without payroll records, he has been dependent on his security cameras to match up the hours worked with the claims for pay and has mentioned that they are about 75% of the way through the investigation but also mentioned that several of them on the camera were not people he recognized He also mentioned that there is a new manager coming in that is currently being trained at the Muncie location.

On Friday 4/1/2022 one of the employees Latoya Wilks walked into the location and demanded her check, a verbal altercation led to the police being called where she was arrested on an unrelated warrant and is being held in the Madison County Jail with no bond for failure to appear. According to Joe, the intern manager and Randy Zell, the owner, she grabbed the stack of payroll checks and was going to leave the facility with them, the business recovered the checks and did not press charges.

When I asked Randy about the remaining employees that are to be paid he said that they are being processed today, and mentioned that he is working closely with his third-party loss prevention company to ensure that everyone is properly compensated and has struggled with finding proper staffing for the restaurant. We will follow up with him in a few days and follow up on this developing story.

What you should do if you did not get paid by an employer

If the employer refuses to give you your paycheck, you can file an Application for Wage Claim with the Indiana Department of Labor or consult a private attorney about your rights and how you should proceed.





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