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Madison County and Hamilton County and others, Official winter storm warning

Here is what we know so far about this system that we can count on for Madison County:

6- 12 inches of snow

It will start off as rain tomorrow and transition to ice before it transitions to snow.

The morning commute will be rain but the evening one will be ice - the exact timing of the transition from rain to ice to snow will be dependent on the temperature.

.08 inch of ice on up

Just like you, I am tired of hearing about the winter storm coming in the next couple of days, but we can’t say it enough that this storm is not going away. Confidence is still very on us and most of the northern half of Indiana will get over 6” of snow with minor icing in our area prior to the snow falling.

Unless things drastically change we will be backing off on the number of posts as you can only beat a dead horse so many times. With that stay safe, plan ahead, leave early and have a survival kit in your car if you do travel. Remember to have more than one source to get your watches and warnings along with keeping your cell phone charged.





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