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Feedback From The Community Regarding Anderson Community School System


Yesterday, we posted a link where the community could share their opinion regarding the Anderson Community School System. We spent the last 24 hours compiling your thoughts that you submitted anomalously and have them available for your review. We did not censor any comment or exclude anyone. We will continue to add them and update this as often as possible.

You may download this or use the link to view it.

Your Voice
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The video below is a highlight of some opinions and was gifted in hopes to bring community awareness.

Share this video by copy and pasting the following link:

A big shout-out to the following three sponsors that funded the landing page where citizens are able to express their opinions, and the video production for the video above to bring community awareness. This project was 100% funded by the parties below. Be sure to give them a "like" on Facebook, we have their Facebook links below.

Opinion landing page development was funded by Metromedia Funding Solutions

Video produced and funded by Videostars

Want to voice your opinion? You may do so by clicking the link below, the opinions are going to be shared and presented to the school system and teacher's union. The page will remain up.




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