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Business Owners Worry About Rising COVID Numbers

Updated: Aug 26, 2021



News Story- Circle City Magazine - Perceptive

Richard Moghadam- Editor- Reporter

It feels like February 2020 all over again, all over the news, and all over the country numbers are rising at an alarming pace. Schools are already canceling events, and breakouts of infection are becoming common ground. According to figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the 7-day average number of new U.S. cases has risen to 133,000 per day, about 20,000 more than a week ago. ... Deaths attributed to COVID-19 for the same time period were listed as 4,965, a 52 percent hike from the prior week. The Indiana Department of Health announced Monday that 1,685 additional Hoosiers have been diagnosed with COVID-19 through testing at state and private laboratories. That brings to 825,549 the number of Indiana residents now known to have had the novel coronavirus. Are we heading for another lockdown? Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Florida, and Nevada are reporting the highest daily average of new cases per capita over the past week, all of which are at least double the U.S. rate. New Zealand went into a level 4 lockdown, the countries highest level lockdown status in over a year.

The United States has not mentioned any looming lockdown, and fully vaccinated citizens are not getting as sick or hospitalized like they were before the vaccine, but what does the possibility mean for businesses? Many businesses are still in the recovery stage from the last lockdown. Nationwide, there were over 100,000 permanent closures in the restaurant industry alone all attributed to the virus. Businesses need to take preventive measures to make sure that in the event the numbers do not subside, this is the time to start evaluating the "what if".

Business Gurus from Metromedia Funding Solutions and Beyond Web Services Inc all agree, there are a few vital steps business owners need to do right now. Some of these are, make sure you have multiple streams of revenue coming into your business, they should secure funding, and put their advertising to work to boost production and sales as much as possible.

We are working with several providers to find resources for small businesses to help them prepare for the worst, if there is anything 2020 taught us is that we must be proactive about how we run business. There is no promise or guarantee that anything we, as a country, are doing to fight this will work, there will be some trial and error. Keeping your staff safe should also be a concern for business owners, as many are already struggling with keeping a full staff. Here are some useful tips:

  • When working with the public, try to practice social distancing whenever possible.

  • Give incentives to get your staff vaccinated, lead by example by getting vaccinated yourself.

  • Make sure that staff is washing hands and sanitizing as often as possible.

  • If you have the ability to support remote workers, you should try to do so.

The fourth, and final quarter of 2021 is only a week away and is the most influential quarter for most restaurant and retail service sectors, the COVID-19 numbers as they sit right now have many worried about what will happen. We have partnered up with several experts to offer a free risk assessment, no purchase is necessary to get the assessment. This assessment is simply to evaluate your current business health and, how it would fare in the event they were to lock down the country again. We encourage you to use the results to help or protect your business.

In Closing, we are hopeful the country can pull out of this without having to restrict anyone. We know there are many opinions regarding the subject. But I will close with this quote,

"If there is anyone secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other person’s point of view and see things from that person’s angle as well as from your own.

Henry Ford











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