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Bonita Building Blocks

Trusting The Process

Its been a while but when I say I have been going through it! But what don't kill us only makes us stronger, right? At least that's what we've been told.

I have heard so many cliches and occasionally repeat them to myself when I go through hard times. "Hard times don't last long; All things happen for a reason; This is only preparing you for greater." At least these are the ones I've been repeating for the last few months. If you wanna hear the reasons why, watch my podcast video Thursday mornings at 9am.

Here is a tidbit of my story and how I'm working through it. I am not trying to just give advice based on my experience, I'm also trying to get advice based on yours. Through this podcast I would love to create the building blocks together. Blocks that will help each of us through hard situations based on advice and experience. Hears a snapshot of my story.

So, I've been to jail twice this year. That's more than I've been in my life! But each experience has taught me a lesson I don't think I would have learned any other way! I have had time to think clearly of the path and direction I want to go in my life. This is now my opportunity to be who I want to be, work for my benefit, and build the life I want.

The reality is, most of us live our lives for other people. We live for our children, our parents, our families, our spouse/partner/boyorgirl friend/lover, friends, job, boss, company, etc. The point is, rarely do we live for us. I have been given the unique opportunity and insight to start living for me, and then everyone else, and I'm taking advantage of it! I do what's right because that's who I am so I don't fear hurting or destroying anyone in the process. My heart guides me to help others but my experience has taught me how.

I love who I am and I realize its uniqueness. I would love to hear about your methods for getting through trying situations and the cliches that supported you!

To hear more about my situation, I will post my video every Thursday at 9am. Building with Bonita one block at a time. Thanks for listening and don't forget to Trust the Process while we build together.





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