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Arrest Made For Arson In Anderson

All Subjects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

The fire was deemed as intentionally set at 2223 W. 22nd Street in Anderson. During the investigation, firefighters get dispatched to 2423 W. 17th street. in Anderson but only 19 minutes later firefighters were dispatched to 2712 W. 16th street. The fire was determined to be intentionally set on or near a bed at 2223 E. 22nd Street the one at 2423 W. 17th street was deemed intentionally set on or near a foam cushion or couch. 2712 W. 16th Street, another determination that the fire started on or near a couch was also deemed intentionally set.

It took police collecting video footage from various security cameras, and a witness obtained cell phone video footage of Mark Maddox watching the fire department extinguish the fire. Formal charges were filed on Wednesday for three counts of arson, a level four felony. Maddox was taken into custody on Tuesday 3/22/2022. Maddox did not want to speak to the detectives and further said he had nothing to do with it.

The trial date has not been set according to Mycase but, he is sitting in the Madison County Jail with a $20,000.00 bond awaiting trial.





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