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Anderson Community Schools closed on Wednesday, November 3rd

ANDERSON - The Anderson Community School Corporation (ACSC) is closed on Wednesday, November 3rd with no e-Learning. The district’s decision to close was due to 15%-20% of teachers calling off work today.

“We are disappointed that these teachers are choosing to do this as it hurts our parents and students,” said Superintendent Dr. Joe Cronk. “We are appreciative of the vast majority of staff that have continued coming to work as we continue the bargaining process with the Anderson Federation of Teachers (AFT).”

By mutual agreement by a representative of the ACSC and AFT, the parties have entered into mediation with a state appointed Indiana Education Employment Relations Board (IEERB) mediator/financial consultant. The first mediation session by mutual agreement is scheduled for tomorrow.

Under ACS’ current proposal, teachers would receive a $2,000 increase in base salary and $10,000 in stipends over the next two years. The contract ensures that despite a health insurance premium increase all staff will see an increase in their take home pay.

ACSC is planning to re-open on Thursday, November 4th. Should ACSC have to close again they will inform parents, guardians, and the public.





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