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A.I. Powered Conversational Agent Hits Indianapolis By Storm, Developer Wins Award

Updated: Aug 26, 2021


Written by K. Knight 8/17/2021 - Journalist - Review

Hailed as a mastermind, Anderson Indiana based developer Richard Moghadam spent countless nights and long weekends perfecting something that many take advantage of every day. This is not your average chat-bot like you see on the post office's website. Richard Moghadam discovered the Tolstoy interactive video concept framework in his developer's summit at WIX, but the cartoonist added a unique spin to the product. Moghadam added an artificial- intelligence-based animation program into the framework, little did he know on Father's Day weekend when he invented the conversion that he would be on top of the biggest technology breakthrough that has ever hit the Hoosier state.

Video interactive videos became popular in many eCommerce settings like Amazon and Shopify in 2018, and many businesses are just now adopting the technology but, the biggest complaint of users was there was no way to really articulate your product or service, and the camera-shy introvert business owners complained about having to interact with their phone to reply by video. Moghadam listened to the complaints of business owners that were dependant on the technology especially during lockdowns. Moghadam started designing an alternative.

In May of 2021, the beta test was launched for the Metromedia Funding Solutions project called Metrochat A.I. and by the end of June, the service was introduced at a technology summit and was awarded the Circle City Magazine marketing tool of the year award. By the July 4th weekend, sources said there were over 1,000 pre-orders all fulfilled and the reviews from the businesses running the technology share a common story, every last one claimed this product bought more customers into their businesses. From lawyers to retail stores, to electricians, and even a funeral home, the business owners that adopted the tool all claim this tool was by far, the most effective tool they have ever added to their businesses.

The product picked up the safe resource badge in August of 2021 from The Funded Project, a not-for-profit business development television show based in Indiana, it is also in the running for several awards across the country. We discovered the reason why it is popular after trying it out, everyone knows that video marketing beats printed marketing 6 to 1 but when you can interact with that tool, that margin quadruples.

In an interview with Metromedia's Doug Bowmer, he explains that when a business orders a tool this powerful that it must be mindful of the traffic it brings, and has become common practice to discuss this with business owners excited to order the program. Bowmer also mentions that ordering the tool online is advisable as trying to set an in-person consultation without a Metromedia agent that the waiting list is into March of 2022. The only way to get in faster is with approved Metromedia Funding Solutions Agents, many of which are already fully booked through August.

Mary Collins of an online-based shoe store said she was fortunate to get the call from one of the agents of the product and encourages you to take the call if you are lucky enough to get one. She was intrigued when she got a call from a referral that was submitted by her Florida-based agent Brandon, "I was so glad to meet him" she says because when he showed her the A.I.-powered Conversational agent on his Ipad she was blown away and ordered it on the spot.

Developer Moghadam mentioned to us in an email that he is hiring and training developers as fast as possible, but will not compromise quality for the benefit of money, "If there is a waiting list, then that means wait your turn". he said. He did mention that many developers working are putting in 60-80 hour weeks on a normal basis.

The product from order to finish online takes about five days delivered to your email and, with the special co-op with Tolstoy they are now giving away free landing pages to everyone that orders one through September. We are excited to see what is next for the Indiana Developer, Richard Moghadam.












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