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The Madison County News Network Media Kit Is NOW OPEN

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How it works

Your banner shows in every news story we publish, there are 20 seats in total. We charge a $350.00 per month flat rate, no matter if we publish 20 stories or 200 stories over the month; all banners are clickable and direct to your website or social media destination. The position rotates as users click on stories giving everyone ample opportunity to be under the headline. We see an average of 100,000 visitors to the website monthly. No political ads are allowed. When we publish a story, we share it on Facebook and TikTok, the viewers and readers, click through to the website to see the news story, and your banner is in the news story. We do not participate in Google Adwords, or Paid Facebook Advertising every follower is organic and has followed and liked the page because we are local news chasers. 

 Ad Revenue At Work

We promote your business with banners but the money we collect is used to keep the news chasers and photographers working around the clock. It allows the community access to local news without having to pay for a subscription. We remind our audience that free access to local news is made possible by our sponsors and encourage them to visit your business by clicking the banner. 

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