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Editorial Staff

Rick Moghadam. - Editor

Rick started his journey in the media relations business over twenty years ago, he worked as a promotions contractor for several publications like The Indianapolis Star, The Detroit Free-Press, and The Philadelphia Enquirer before he started his own business. He owns several businesses. His passion originates from taking a downfall on a business 11 years ago to where he transformed his life and is on a mission to save main street businesses and keep a fair and unbiased news source for Madison County. From 2017 to today, his company Metromedia Funding Solutions secured the funding for thousands of businesses and saved over a million people across the country from losing their jobs. 

Brandon Jackson- Admin

Brandon has worked in the alternative financing industry for several years and works closely with every branded Metromedia business to ensure that operations run smoothly. He also has run his own business for several years and worked on The Funded Project. He has worked on the regulation project with several leaders in the industry to educate brokers. Raised in the Chicagoland area, Brandon works across the country to promote the vision.

Doug Bowmer- I.T. Relations

Anderson Native Doug Bowmer has worked in the automotive industry with his family. He came to the Metromedia brand because he believes in the vision. An inspiring coding developer, he works closely with the brand to bring the visions to life. 

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Objective and Beliefs 

Everyone on this project understands the following:

Report the story, do not be a part of the story. We simply inform. The commentary is reserved for the viewers. We only report what we can prove. If we write or share an opinion, we make it a point to show where the news reporting ends and the editorials begin. Rick Moghadam's view is "not every opinion is popular, everyone deserves a voice, and deserves a safe place to share without threat. Stand up for citizens of our community and ensure they are heard." Our beliefs are family-based and are a pro-small business, and encourage everyone to shop local first. 

We welcome everyone, regardless of race, religion, sex, or beliefs. 

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