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Who Are We

We are a 100% Independent News Page for Madison County Indiana. We cover headline news and chase the stories of the local news that the citizens of Madison County want to know. We cover both bad news and good news, but we do it naturally. No story is ever politically charged with any hidden agenda. The page owners do not collect a salary or hourly wage to do this; we depend on our sponsors to keep our bills paid while we chase the news. The owners have their own businesses and work full-time. This is a community project, any extra money made after the bills are paid is put back into the community for the greater good of the community. We will never make you pay for a news story, and there are no subscriptions to have the local news. We only ask that if you see a sponsor and need a service, try them out or at least consider them. If you want to help fund this mission, you may do so by "buying us a coffee" or shopping our merch store. 

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